Welcome to deejay.de,

your trusted partner in the world of vinyl. Since our founding, we have made it our mission to provide DJs, vinyl enthusiasts, and music collectors with an unsurpassed selection of records. In a time when digital music formats dominate, the analogue medium remains a symbol of quality and authenticity.

Our history

Our shop was born out of a deep passion for music, and especially for vinyl, in 1988 with a small record distribution named "SDS by Dieter Teinert." From 1989 to 1996, you could even visit us on site in a small shop. In 1997, the moment arrived and www.deejay.de goes online. From then on, you could easily and conveniently buy your records from home. Since then, we have grown a lot and are constantly improving. With our current shipping partners, we offer worldwide shipping – and in record time! Within Germany, delivery is already the next day if you place an order before 4 p.m. Europe-wide delivery takes 1-3 days with our express service. All shipments are insured and can be tracked online at any time.

Vinyl is not just a storage medium; it is an expression of culture and identity. For us at deejay.de, every record is a masterpiece, from the tactile feel of the cover to the unique sound profile. We believe that music is best enjoyed in its purest and most unadulterated form. As a leading online shop, our aim is to provide DJs, record collectors, and music lovers with access to an extensive catalog of vinyl records. From rare classics to the latest releases across various genres, we want to be a platform that not only sells but also inspires and informs. We are committed to promoting vinyl culture worldwide.

The Unique Appeal of Vinyl Records

Vinyl offers a musical experience that digital formats cannot match. The warmth and depth of the sound, combined with the ritualistic aspect of setting up and playing a record, make every listening session special. The size and weight of the records also convey a sense of value and significance. Vinyl lovers appreciate records for their visual and physical presence, which allows for a personal connection to the music. Beyond aesthetics, vinyl records also have technical advantages. Analog playback preserves the originality of recordings, while the large format of the cover and the liner notes offer a deeper connection to the work.

Our Selection

In our vinyl shop you will find an unrivalled selection of records. From house, techno and drum & bass to hip hop, jazz, soul, and pop – we cover all genres to suit every taste. Both mainstream and underground scenes will find what they are looking for. Our exclusive releases and limited editions are particularly popular. Our well-stocked warehouse receives the latest releases daily, which are immediately available for you.

Care and Handling

Proper handling can significantly extend the life of your records. That’s why we also offer a wide range of accessories and equipment to complement any collection. From special cleaning brushes to protective sleeves and high-quality turntables – we have everything to get the best out of your vinyl records.

The Future and our Vision

At deejay.de, we believe that vinyl is more than just a revived trend – it is a lasting movement that continues to grow. Our vision is to support and expand this movement by reaching and inspiring the next generation of vinyl enthusiasts.